How To Peel A Banana

There are many ways to peel and consume a banana. In my opinion there is only one approach that maintains your personal dignity while producing a perfectly peeled fruit.


1. Grasp the banana firmly in your non-writing hand, orienting the shaft in a vertical position.

2. Hold the stem end between the thumb and pointer finger of your other hand.

3. Increase the pressure rapidly, and twist clockwise through thirty-five degrees.

4. Pull down to create a turning moment around the banana’s center of percussion.

5. Continue pulling until one strip of skin has been removed to the base.

6. Turn the banana clockwise through forty five degrees.

7. Pinch the top of the banana and pull down with unnerving pressure to remove another strip of skin.

8. Repeats steps 6 & 7 until all skin has been flayed.

9. Consume immediately.


Always select a banana with a natural left to right curvature when held at its base.

Know your limits – Step 2 requires both strength and dexterity. If concerned you should seek alternative (and easier) methods.

Never attempt to peel an over-ripe banana. Step 4 demands counter-pressure from within the banana itself. Softness can lead to slippage and to potentially devastating wrist injuries.